Apple’s Stock Will Plummet in its Worst Corporate Decision In Years
Michael K. Spencer

While I agree with most of the points you made here; I still think Apple is going to go up in the future. They realize their hardware business growth is stagnating, but their software and services business continues to grow at a much faster rate. Part of their reason for withholding sales numbers for devices has to do with Apple repositioning themselves as more of a software and services company and less of a hardware one. Sure declining figures are a reason, but that isn’t so much Apple’s fault as it as a result of changing consumer behavior. As we reach “peak smartphone,” all manufacturers are gonna see their sales slide as upgrade their phones less frequently. Apple realizes this, and so their strategy going forward to focus on software and services rather than hardware. As a result, they’re not so dependent on factors outside of their control like tariffs from materials/manufacturing. For the short term the stock will have its ups and downs but long term I see value in the company.