What will be the cost of one-way ticket of the proposed #BulletTrain in India?

Let’s do a simple calculation to estimate the cost of one way ticket from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on proposed Bullet train:

Let’s only consider the revenue only from tickets, ignoring those from vendors, advertisements, branding etc.

Each bullet train will carry an estimated, 750 to 1350 people one way, let’s assume 1,000 for this calculation.

Although trains run round the clock, for this calculation — let’s say the train run only between 6 AM to 10 PM and leaves every 30 min from each side, i.e. 34 trains one way, and total of 68 trips.

So we have 68*1000 = 68,000 seats for sales every day. Yearly we would have 68000*365 = 24,82,0000 seats for sale. Assuming it runs throughout the year.

Let’s assume only 75% seats get sold every year. 75% of 24,82,0000 is 18,61,5000 actually gets sold every year.

If there is only 10 yrs to get back an investment of Rs 1,10,000 crores, tickets have to be priced at?

Target: Rs 11,000 crores every year

Ticket price be: Rs 11,000,0000,000 / 18,61,5000 = Rs 5910 apprx
The estimated ticket price would be Rs 5910 one way.

An average one way flight cost now is: Rs 3500 apprx. (Source: Google SERP)