I dreamt of a fox last night. Just before envisioning this fox outside my living room window I had lain with my lover of whom has no recognizable face, but his body was real enough. His hands assured and desirous as it caressed mine. Completely satiated I lay there replete and turned my head a fraction at movement caught with the corner of my half-closed eye.

There in the window, outlined by the moonlight, a grey fox lit up brilliant red. She stares at me curious and twists her head ever so gently it’s almost imperceptible. Her eyes are dark…

Almost all of my dreams lately either showcase my brother or gives him a guest appearance. He is always there; either waiting for me to see him or “just there.” I’ve often asked my Higher Self what it means to constantly see my brother in my dreams and I always get the same erie answer, which is “you know why he is there, you need only accept it.”

My brother has played a huge role in my life and even though I rarely see him now in my waking life he still seems to play that same huge role. I…

While taking a nap a week ago I had a minor vision of a horse. It was just a shadow of his head, barely there and all black. A black horse. It almost felt like it peeked out at me while I was floating within the easy recesses of my half awake/half slumbering mind. I haven’t thought about that vision for awhile. Almost telling myself it wasn’t time to think on the implications, but now I feel it’s time.

I looked up the meaning of what a black horse totem means and found this:

Black horse totem

A black horse…

I had a dream last night that I was wallowing in a flood of muddy and dirty water. It wasn’t hurting me or getting in my face and preventing any kind of breathing. It was just there and overflowing into parts of the surrounding land that should have stayed dry. The water was flooding everything and going everywhere and I was just a bystander within its intrusive flow. I’ve had dreams like this before and only ever when I’m feeling a sense of overwhelming emotional negativity. Whether from within myself or an over-abundance from others, my inner-goddess is informing me of a need for cleansing. I plan on doing this soon. Here’s a great article on just how to accomplish this.


Dream Journal Entry #7

Another really bad one this time. Of course almost all of them are bad, but in comparison, this was doozey. My only solace, I wasn't alone when I woke up screaming and crying heart-rending sobs of relief that it was only another nightmare:

It started out so peculiar. I was in a house I could barely recognize as the house of my late aunt’s. She past away only a few years ago. It was a gruesome death. She had contracted the worse type of Lymphoma known to man. There is no cure. And once caught your prognosis is just a…

Dream Journal Entry #6

I turned the light off too early. I lived a nightmare inside a seemingly peaceful dream. It started out so blissful, like a paradise realized, now only seen. A girlfriend and I swimming through the waves on surfboards; exploring the beach from seaside. Tranquil strokes and gentle pokes at the sea as I watch my hand lift and dimple the aquamarine.

I turn to my left and I see endless white beach before terminating into a jungle of men and trees. I turn to my right and it’s serenity in skyblue winds with my friend’s wicked smile set in an…

Dream Journal Entry #5

I’m surrounded by my peers, but in a casual setting. Very casual as a matter of fact. I’m sitting up on my bed, resting against the headboard in my day clothes still on top of the covers. Surrounding me is everyone I know and some I can’t tell because they are faceless to me. They are all either sitting in chairs or standing, having conversation with each other of one sort or another. Its not at all out of place that I’m the only one on the bed not conversing with anyone. …

Dream Journal Entry #4

This journal entry starts in the middle of my dream only because I can’t really remember too many details of the beginning. I can remember the emotions I felt and a vague idea of characters and story plot but it’s all mostly shadow:

I’m walking to somewhere with purpose. I’m not sure where yet but I know I have to be somewhere. I just left work and its a beautiful sunny day with clear skies and easy 70° breezes. I’m walking down an uptown Manhattan street with Brownstones lining the sidewalk on my right and a green open park on…

Dream Journal Entry #3

Initial feeling of displacement. I don’t know where I am, but I know I’m waiting for someone.

He arrives, but I don’t know who he is. I know we need to go somewhere, but I’m not sure why. I follow him.

He leads me outside and down this path to another building. I can’t tell what it looks like from the outside but when we enter I find we are on the stage of an enormous amphitheater. He pulls out a violin and looks to me to do the same. …

Dream Journal Entry #2

Why do I only ever remember the bad dreams? Why do they linger with me the longest? I understand nightmares are just a manifestation of anxiety triggers and deep-seated fears, but this one is so mind-numbing-ly loathsome, I don’t think I’m able to write about it…but I have to…I need to get it out. I can’t/won’t hold onto it any longer. I need to start to let it go.

Arrive at my child’s school. She’s waiting for me at the window but she doesn’t come running to me like she normally would, and I’m not close enough to make out…


~Life throws you curve balls to see how you handle them. So handle them.

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