VR Week 07: The VR cube test

For my midterm project, I decided to pivot from the original concept of having multiple scenes which the viewer can explore to having one scene. This decision was inspired by the realization that creating multiple scenes with details would be much more time intensive than I could manage.

I decided to recreate my results of the cube personality test in VR, since the test is so particular to each person, and VR, more than any other medium, makes it easier for us to step into what others see in their imagination.

The cube test consists of only a few elements, which made it a good choice for the scope of this projects. These elements include a field, a cube, a ladder, a horse, flowers and a storm. How each individual sees these elements in their mind reveals something about their psyche. This sparked the idea of creating a VR experience, in which each player can take the cube test and recreate their result in VR, therefore engaging amateur people to become real-time co-creators of their own VR experience.