Hey there — my name’s Abigail Waters. I’m a writer, a creator, and a dreaded millennial (or rather, college student). I also write the blog Austen Almighty over on Wordpress. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, 30 people, maybe, read it. But that’s ok! When I started that blog back in September of 2015 it was more an exercise in quantity than in quality. I have big, writerly ambitions you see, and I figured writing a blog would be a good way to practice writing every day and something to put on my resume.

But now my blog has a style, a brand. I’m a marketing student (kind of, advertising is in a weird gray area between business and communication) — I can’t mess with that stuff. Plus, I (try to) publish three times a week, and on top my actual school work, it’s a hard load to manage when attempting to craft really meaningful, longform work. Understandably, I thought “why not put more on my plate?” But only on Sundays, because theoretically I have more time on the weekends.

So here on Medium, I want to write things that are longer, more experimental, more critical in thought and process. Many things will likely be adapted from my school work, because why waste good ideas when I could share them with the internet instead? And because I’m a college student, school is what I spend the vast majority of my time focused on. I’m sure if I was trying to create my own startup, I would be writing about the trials and tribulations of a small business.

My favorite hobby is critical thinking. I’m going to try to encourage a little more of that on the internet.