R&D: Speech Recognition

We think the coolest part of our product is the Voice Control and Speech Recognition feature. Especially for at-home chefs who have their hands and eyes occupied with cooking and/or food prep.

On the Google Developer website, there is an article - “Voice Driven Web Apps: Introduction to the Web Speech API” — and the demo that complements this article can be found here.

A number of online articles covering the HTML5 Web Speech API:

  1. How to Use the Web Speech API in HTML5
  2. Add Voice Recognition to your Website
  3. Web Speech API Specification
  4. Using the Web Speech API to control a HTML5 video
  5. Introducing the Web Speech API
  6. Accepting Speech Input in HTML5 Forms

Further, what’s the long term goals for Snacka? We see a trend in user-interface-less application such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa/Echo and now Google’s new virtual assistant aptly named: Google Assistant.

Thanks for listening!

By Amanda Sanchez and Jonathan Wang

Amanda Sanchez, UI/UX Designer @EatSleepWork, a Los Angeles based digital agency, and enrolled in the Santa Monica College’s IXD Program.

Jonathan Wang, Creative Director @EatSleepWork and an adjunct faculty member at Santa Monica College.