Snacka is born.

Today, we started the creation of a new product/application called Snacka, which means ‘Chat’ in Swedish. This application will potentially solve the need for at-home chefs who need their hands free to cook and/or prep food by allowing the user to ‘Snacka’ with their web or smartphone application.

Snacka will become your best friend in the kitchen!

Below is a rough sketch of our short and long term goals:

And here is a rough sketch of the Phase 1 User Interface:

This is our first of many posts logging our progress from the inception of our idea to the completion of our application; as well as our journey of building a new business from the ground up. We aim to post our progress at least 1 time per week.

We are so nervous and so excited about this new idea! The beginning stage of the birth of this product, we only have a positive outlook and hope that this will be not only successful, but really fun!

By Amanda Sanchez and Jonathan Wang

Amanda Sanchez, UI/UX Designer @EatSleepWork, a Los Angeles based digital agency, and enrolled in the Santa Monica College’s IXD Program.

Jonathan Wang, Creative Director @EatSleepWork and an adjunct faculty member at Santa Monica College.