SNAFU Collective — It’s time for 2.0

It’s time for SNAFU to rock: get ready for the start of a new amazing journey through the multichains, PFP collections and art!

We listened to the suggestions of our community and it’s been months that we are working on a new concept and future for our platform: we are making it more collector and artist-centric, easier to use, and to interact with other collectors.

We will start deploying the new changes gradually and work on your feedback.


From the feedbacks of our community, we want to value more our NFTs and introduce auctions. We decided to mint the NFTs of this collection on Opensea on the Ethereum network.

Those NFTs will be 100% SNAFU NFTs that you will be able to swap in the community pool if you need. Of course, you will need to first bridge them to the Gnosis Chain. You can either use the Gnosis NFT Multibridge or our own custom bridge that we are building together with the help of XP.Network team.

Only one edition of each NFT will be sold through the Opensea Auction Sale. Some NFTs will have a 1:1 edition while others will have a different rarity. The remaining NFTs will be used in Pool Together and Farming on the Gnosis Chain.

Eg: NFT with 5 editions, 1 edition is sold on Opensea and 4 editions are reserved for PT, Farming, Other.


We are starting a new multichain approach. We thought a long time about how to go multichain without spending much on fees and user experience. Finally thanks to XP.Network and some innovative architecture design we are able to mint NFTs across all chains with Gnosis Chain as the heart of all. We will deliver a bridging tool inside our dapp where you will easily be able to bridge your NFTs from/to Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Gnosis Chain.

For now, the core features will remain on the Gnosis Chain, but by bridging your NFTs you will be able to find new tools and platforms to sell and exchange your NFTs (Opensea, NFTrade, etc.) as well as new interested collectors.


And now the BIG news!

We prepared a PFP Collection that we are really proud of. The NFTs will be minted and sold on Avalanche. We feel the need to expand and find new communities and collectors, but we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We want the Avalanche and Gnosis Chain communities to merge.

The project is very ambitious: the NFTs will give exclusive benefits in the SNAFU platform and the SNAFU DAO. Also, part of the money raised from the minting will go to the DAO and SNAFU/XDAI pool on Honeyswap.

We choose Avalanche over other chains because for what we tasted the community is vibrant and the tech is cool. A lot of very interesting projects joined their chain in the last months. We are sure we will find great people there.

SNAFU Collectors will also receive a special gift so be sure to follow us for news!


We are also receiving a high amount of requests from artists to join our collective and we want to welcome everyone. Amazing artists to come, so be ready!


It’s a lot of stuff to grasp, we know. Be sure to keep following us to know how all of this will involve SNAFU and how you as a collector will be able to benefit from this. Or just join us on Telegram or Discord ask us!

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