How to Protect Your Dog from Snakebite

Ghost got a painful and potentially life-threatening bite to the snout from a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake. He was treated with two vials of antivenom and made a full recovery. Photo courtesy Ashley Ventimiglia.

TL/DR: The best way to protect your dog from snakebite is to keep him on a leash, and if he is bitten, take him to the emergency veterinarian right away for treatment with antivenom.

The rattlesnake vaccine, though inexpensive, does not appear to work and may actually be harmful for your dog.

Dogs learn to avoid rattlesnakes at aversion training, typically using an electronic training collar and a humanely “muzzled” rattlesnake. Photo courtesy Eric Briggs, in Lewiston Tribune.
This rattlesnake-proof fence keeps rattlesnakes out. Yard-lizard approved!



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