Snack time is a time meant to enjoy little servings of food between two meals. It is the time when you are opportune to nosh on favourite munchies and sweet treats. However, not everyone give these munching a very good turn. Snack time is meant to be healthy and not just appetizing. Give snack time a healthy face-lift because the benefits are many.


As I said, snacks are meant to give you health bites and not filling mouthfuls, eating whole grains and complex carbohydrates are great energy boosters that keep you going through the next meal.

Fruits, vegetables and fat free food during snack time can help reduce sugar levels and cholesterol.

Healthy snacks helps you maintain your weight and doing overeating during snack time. Fiber- rich foods during snacking can make you feel fuller for longer helping you to boost health in many ways, some of which includes reducing of constipation, build muscles and promote heart health.


Simple sugars are a big NO NO… Not only they survive filling for short time but also they are have high detrimental effects on health.

Fries and other sweet treats are efficient enough to shoot up your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in minutes. They are even found to have lethal links to stress and anxiety.

Avoid eating processed foods as they contain harmful bacteria that can bring health toll in minutes. Salmonella outbreaks are common owing to the uncooked or partially cooked processed meats leading to fatal health ailments.


Most of us are guided by our taste factor and not by health factor. Health snacks order online india had always been under a notion that they have bland taste sufficing little or even less to our tasty snacky cravings. This is the reason to why health snacking had been under veils and popularity till date.


Not many of us had earlier hit with an idea to turn snacks nutritious and tasty until three entrepreneurs from South of India had this innovative theory in mind. It was their heavy junking on weekends that made them ponder over healthy alternatives, for they knew junks were bringing catastrophic effects on health.

Snalthy was born — born to give junkies a healthy alternative that had opulence in taste and health both. Now Snalthy has a niche market — catering innovative snacks to health conscious individuals. This Health Snack Online is an answer to those individuals who thought health snacks can never be tasty and indulging.