Hi, I read your article and was a little surprised.
Pedram Shahlaifar

I have been a Mac user for 10+ year and a Linux user for 20 years. I started using Mac OS because I wanted Unix. 15 years ago installing Linux was a huge exercise. Today not so much.

As an operating system Mac OS X is not better than Linux. A few weeks ago, I did a performance benchmarking on OS X. The results are unpredictable for the same application under the same load conditions. That’s why Mac OS X is not used for serving production anywhere.

The only thing Mac does better, is the hardware+software integration, which is easier to achieve anyway, when they are supporting only one hardware.

The quality of Mac OS is degrading with every update. Still better than Windows but not as good as Linux.

The MBP hardware is not upgraded as well.

So, why would someone pay more, for getting inferior software and so so hardware?

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