How SnapCall made it to the semi-finals of the Web Summit PITCH competition

Apr 4 · 3 min read
Pitching SnapCall at the Web Summit PITCH competition semi-Finals

Known as the best technology conference on the planet, the Web Summit has become a household name for startups and technology enthusiasts.

Numbers talk by itself: 70 000 attendees, 1800 promising startups, 1 200 speakers, 1 500 investors and 24 stages full of content from the best in the industry.

The beginning

We were pretty interested since the start to take part of the Web Summit in the “SnapCall” way, and that meant connecting with lots of different people and also having a strong presence at the event.

We thought the PITCH competition would not only allow us to have an incredible visibility during the Web Summit but also allow us to gather valuable feedback from investors, the media and potential customers.

We applied along with thousands of other incredible startups to the competition. The selection process started two months before, with some 1-to-1 interviews and a deck submission.

It seems all worked pretty well since we secured our spot to the first groups-round:

“I’m delighted to announce that SnapCall has been chosen by our judges and will take part in PITCH” — The Web Summit selection committee

From Station F in Paris to Lisbon

Next big decision was to prepare our luggage and head to Lisbon ✈️

Being part of a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem as Station F, allowed us to share this experience with fellow startups from other incubation programs that were attending the event as well.

Favorite ‘F’ word from Station F: “Fiesta”

It seemed like a good idea to also organize a small party to meet journalists, other startups and warm-up before the big day:

Fellow startups with SnapCall — Invitly, Botmind, and Reengage

The PITCH contest: our favorite “F***” word part

Before making it to the semi-finals and going BIG, we pitched our way to the Main Center Stage, competing on two rounds with several startups on different verticals.

On each round, we had to pitch for 3 minutes, followed by a 3 minutes round of questions. Each jury panel was impressive: VC partners and board members, startup founders and Fortune 500 company directors.

Group round: we competed along 160 other startups. Only a few made it to the next round.

Quarter finals: only 20 startups made it this far.

Semi-Final: 16 startups made their way to pitch on Center Stage (8 were selected through the PITCH rounds + 8 were fast-tracked and got pre-selected).

Numbers here were more than breathtaking: a jury panel of 20 experts, 15 000 spectators at the stage plus a broadcasting on Youtube with more than 14 000 views.

The criteria to get selected as the best startup of the Web Summit 2018 was: product, potential to disrupt, financials, team & quality of the pitch.

An exceptional experience and opportunity

It was such an incredible experience for SnapCall to have made it that far, being our first time at the event, everything was new and quite challenging 🎉

After more than 28539 pitch rehearsals at Station F, plane, under the shower, Ubers, street and even pitching while doing the line for getting food. We can say, it was all worth it!

We hope to make it to the 2019 event and this time taking the best startup prize with all that is new coming our way!


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