3 Companies Using Snapchat for Customer Service

It’s an idea that just can’t work.

How in the world, can Snapchat, of all social media platforms, be used for customer service — effectively?

It has to be a joke, right?

Not according to these companies, which are thriving off their new found fame and (extra) fortune.

Despite all odds, these companies have found a way to not only get more customers talking but to break new ground.

The fundamental idea behind it is simple: let consumers interact with a real person and get answers the same day.

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) sections on websites are stale bits of information. Even though these satisfy most questions, these don’t actually make the customer feel valued.

And that is what customer service is all about: feeling appreciated.

This is what makes Snapchat an ideal system for customer service.

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Real-time, fresh and original responses can be given daily to meet the needs and desires of clients.

It’s creative, spontaneous and fun!

1. iOgrapher

iOgrapher makes accessories for iPads and iPhones to facilitate video recording and movie creation. They sell tripods, LED lighting, cases, lenses and microphones.

Founder David Basulto was looking for a unique way to reach out to his growing list of customers — including legendary film producer/director Steven Spielberg — and found his answer in Snapchat.

The key factor for iOgrapher is the ease in customer interaction.

Customers can upload a picture or video of their product and explain any issue they are having, and iOgrapher would reply with their own video guide.

Image Source: Social Media Examiner

This works quicker than Facebook and Twitter, which are the favored social media sites for customer service.

The fact that their products are tangible and often require demonstrations makes Snapchat more suitable for the task.

For a simple ‘Terms & Conditions’ reference, other sites might be advantageous. But Snapchat provides the visual aid and personal contact, which David Basulto believes creates a better bond with buyers.

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