How I moved from the UK to Romania and created the first sharing network for events

After getting married in Romania in 2014, we decided that 2016 was the year we would make the move. I’m a Black guy from the UK, and myself and my pregnant Romanian wife decided to move from London to Bucharest, Romania.

The process of moving was hard and challenging. We had a child on the way and moving from one side of Europe to the other is something of a life changing event. But, somehow we did it.

We decided to move to Romania because firstly, we loved the country, secondly I saw an opportunity to create something amazing.

After traveling to Romania many times I fell in love with the country

Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always been into technology. I loved to create things from scratch, breaking apart computers and seeing how they worked, everything.

After traveling to Romania many times I fell in love with the country. It’s unique and special charms, the warm and hospitable people, the natural landscape and fantastic scenary.

I was blown away by the openness and positivity towards me. And after 1 year I’m still here and happier than ever. I escaped the 'rat race' of London and found a place where my ideas could grow.

If you ‘fall’ you will ‘fall’ hard

For sure, life is hard and it isn’t​ easy to get ahead in Romania. But that’s what I needed to force me to put in the work. See, in the UK you kind of get complacent and lazy because life is easier and you know there’s a safety net for you.

Here in Romania it’s different. If you ‘fall’ you will ‘fall’ hard. By fall I mean, if you lose your job or have health issues etc. So this makes you always look for opportunities and possibilities to stay ahead.

I love this.

So, early this year I met another Romanian at my workplace​. We are colleagues now and good friends. He loves photography and technology so we decided to create the world’s first sharing network for photographer called Snapit.

We didn’t know how to create an app so we didn’t

It’s kind of like a service that allows photographers to easily share their photos with guests at an event. We didn’t know how to create an app so we didn’t. We just built a service on top of Facebook Messenger.

We saw that at parties and other events everyone wants a photo to take away with them. Most people struggle to take a good photo with their smartphone because of the low light etc. We also saw many people asking the photographer to take a photo of them and send it to them by email, or tag them on Facebook.

We thought we could do better, so we did.

We knew that most people use Facebook Messenger in Romania so we believed our idea would work.

Neither of us had created a startup before and we are still ‘learning the ropes’. Everyday is encouraging when we see the people who tell us how this service could change their lives. It’s not easy having a full time job, a family with a 2 year old child, and creating a startup, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

If you only focus on the negative (it’s easy to in Romania) you block all the great positive ideas.

We are making great progress and we see Snapit changing the way photographers share their work with others.

It’s not where you live that makes you succeed, it’s way you see and view your world. If you only focus on the negative (it’s easy to in Romania) you block all the great positive ideas. I have learnt to keep an open and positive mind and I’ve been rewarded with grey ideas and great people.

I always dreamt to make a difference with my passion for technology, and now the dream is coming​ true.

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