The last piece of the puzzle for wedding planners

Wedding planners take note - your wedding events are missing something really special.

So you’ve taken charge of what seems like every​ single detail and made sure all the suppliers are booked and managed​. You’ve taken care of every checklist item, from catering to the floristry.

But what about the experience of your wedding guests?

Shouldn’t they be able to go home with more that just a slice of cake ?

Granted, your main focus is the bride and groom’s wedding day, and of course you have a DJ in place but there’s one last secret ingredient to wow your bride and groom as well as your wedding guests.

Take a look at the photo below, it will give you a big clue.

Think about this if you may.

Nearly 90% of wedding guests these days have a smartphone and many use them for taking the odd photo at the wedding. Every guest tries in vain to take the best photo they can but they can’t match the stunning images taken by your booked photographer, right?

So why can’t every wedding guest see the photographer’s amazing professional images during the event? Why does it take weeks, sometimes months​ for anyone to relive these beautiful memories.

Shouldn’t every wedding guest be able to see all the wedding photos during the event.

Just imagine the joy and delight on your bride’s face when she sees and shares the warm loving embrace from her beloved grandmother.

Imagine how happy your groom would be to see and share the moment his father congratulated him with an emotional hug.

Just visualise the bride and groom’s delight the morning after reliving their amazing day through stunning quality images.

It’s these moments the bride and groom desperately want to experience and share in the moment not weeks or months after the wedding.

So how can you give your bride and groom the best visual experience of their lives?

Well as the wedding planner you have some control over the images a photographer should and shouldn’t take. This means you can book his services with the condition the he uses Snapit.

What is Snapit?

It’s the world’s first and only image sharing platform for weddings that’s baked into Facebook Messenger.

What does it work?

Most wedding guests already have the Facebook Messenger app installed so it’s easy to use Snapit. The photographer easily uploads his images to Snapit and in seconds every guest (including the bride and groom) receive beautifully​ edited images through their Facebook Messenger app.

Why should you ask your photographer to use Snapit?

It’s an easy to use service that delights event guests and allows them to take home more than just a slice of cake. They leave with beautiful memories on their phones to cherish and keep forever.

There’s no complicated installation or difficult app to use. All the guest has to do is scan a Snapit unique code for the wedding and in seconds (literarily) they receive all the professional images of the wedding.

Can any photographer use Snapit?

Yes, any phographer with a smartphone and a internet connection can use Snapit?

How do guests start using Snapit?

Simple really, they follow some short instructions and scan the unique Snapit event code using their Facebook Messenger app. Once they do this they will automatically receive any past uploaded images and any images uploaded then on.

How do I learn more about Snapit?

Join Snapit Facebook Group for more articles and tips and tricks. Click Here

Is there a website I can show my booked photographer ?

Yes it’s HERE

Make a bold change and deliver the missing puzzle to your fantastic perfect wedding day with Snapit.