How Romanian photographers are leading the way by using new tech for photography

Catalin Ene — INPIXEL Productions

To be a great photographer it takes more than to produce great images. You have to have a great portfolio of clients and a slick work flow.

Anyone with a good camera can take passable images with the right training. But when you seriously get into photography you soon realise that what makes the difference is your exposure and clients.

It’s what you do with your images that matters and Romanian photographers have found a brilliant new way to be the best.

They have started to share their stills with their clients in a revolutionary new way. Their clients get their images minutes after they capture them.

How the hell is that possible, I hear you thinking?

I know what you’re thinking. That’s fake, it’s not possible. I bet you’re​ thinking​ they probably don’t edit or watermark their images.

Well, Romanian photographers have found a new service that does all of this and more.

It’s cleverly called Snapit.

It was developed by photographers for photographers and solves every photographer’s biggest headache. How to please your current clients and at the same time get more. It solves your problem of how to get your images to your client quickly and also advertising your service to potential future clients all at the same time.

The guys at Snapit realised that you, as a photographer, got into photography for the passion for the artform. So they designed a service that allows you to focus on just that, your passion, your art and not worry about pleasing or getting new clients.

Romanian photographers have been silently dominating the photography market in southeast Europe with this amazing service called Snapit.

Many Romanian photographers have started to double, some trippling their client bookings month on month. They relax knowing that they can focus on being the best photographer they can be.

It’s not a far fetched dream, it’s now a reality.

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