Why your event guests spend all their time on their phones (and why they are your next clients)

Why do event guests take photos at your events?

Every guest wants to take a piece of the event experience away with them. If you want to take it to a deeper level. Event guests have become a self interested voyers.

It’s a sad truth but guests want to take a small piece of the event away with them. They want to gloat to their friends and work colleagues on Monday morning.

These event guests will stop at nothing to get their​ dream shot/selfie. It can get so bad, guests with phones, iPads and cameras get right in the photographer’s way. They have no idea how to stay out of the way.

Rant over, I mean comment, how can we pro photographers accept this and take advantage of this annoying phonomem?

It’s kind of obvious when you think past their annoying actions and look at the possibilities. If you ask any of those people taking photos, they all wouldn’t admit it but, they all wish they had your glass, your camera body, and your creative talent.

For sure, there are will be a few people at your event who will have upcoming events and are in need of a photographer (you).

If they don’t have an upcoming event, the chances are they know someone who does.

So the way to convert them into paying clients is simple, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Get your watermarked photos in front of every event guest as soon as possible. (Show them how rubbish their photos are and how amazing your images are)
  2. Let them know that your business exists and that your are available for taking new client bookings there and then (show them you are a pro)
  3. Give them an easy way to get in touch with you. Better still give them an easy way to tell you about their upcoming events i.e. Weddings, baptisms, or Christmas party (let them gloat about your business to their friends)
  4. Allow them to receive a special offer for booking you there and then (that old 🥕 and stick trick)

(One last bonus tip) Please Please Please don’t hand out business cards at your event, you don’t want to annoy your current paying client (we live in 2017 not 1917)

So it’s that simple, turn your anger into a positive reaction (ish). Think how you can seal the booking of these potential new clients.

Stay calm and fight back.