Your Photo Booth Business Is Screwed, And Here’s Why (part 1)

Your photo booth business is screwed and you don’t even know it!

We all know photo booth companies have come a very long way indeed. From the humble first coin operated booth at the World Fair (1889) in Paris, which would develop an image in about five minutes. To modern day software such as BreezeSys that allows you to create Facebook albums.

It wasn’t until the 1986 that companies such as Photo-me started to market digital colour assets.

With today’s technology, photobooths are as fun as ever, with a wide variety of options. Some come with special themes like James Bond or Las Vegas and most come with props — think big glasses, hat and inflatable guitars.

But let’s face it, these gimmicks quickly become a commodity, and that’s a shame.

So why is your business doomed when the market seems​ to be on the up?

Companies like — started six years ago. They hires booths out and also sells them directly to businesses. To date it has sold around 1,900 booths in the UK alone.

Their business has been growing by a third every year and now has more than 500 operators around the UK — as well as many abroad.

Confusing right?

figure out how you can create a brand new experience for every event.

The reason isn’t about the fantastic experience and memories that party booths can provide, its the fact that the market is becoming very saturated and commoditised. This has to do with many things such as the stagnation of the technology​, the low cost to entry for new companies, kits start from as little as £3,000. Also, it’s a business that requires little photographic knowledge as many of the systems are easy to setup and install.

All this sees new party booths popping up year after year. Unfortunately for you, when these things happen it becomes a race to the bottom on cost and a race to the top on cost efficiency and experience delivery.

It’s now or never for party booths

Now it’s about who can deliver the best experience possible at the most cost efficient level.

So why should your party booth business worry? I mean you’re probably safe in the knowledge that your business has paying clients and confirmed bookings way into next year right ?

double down and secure your business from the other joke startups

Well just remember what happened to Kodak. They thought​ the same thing. They thought they were kings of the photography world and we all know what happened to them. I mean just think when was the last time you bought a Kodak camera?

So I’m calling this the ‘Kodak moment’ for your party booth business.

Just think about it for a moment.

Guests all have smartphones these days and you can’t​ deny that making people queue up to 30 minutes to experience your business is far from ideal.

So what are you doing differently to your competitor?

If they come out with a new feature you’re playing catch up from the get go.

So yeah, now is your ‘kodak’ moment.

There must be a way to differentiate yourself from the rest, right?

So what are you going to do about it?

It’s hard to know what to do, especially when you have a working process with paying clients. But wouldn’t you like to double down and secure your business from the other joke startups. Wouldn’t you like to deliver the premium party booth experience? Wouldn’t​ you like to increase the number of clients who experience you at each event?

There must be a way to differentiate yourself from the rest, right? There must be a way to deliver something unique and special.

So let me let you into a secret.

There is a way!

All you have to do is see how every person at your next event is behaving. See where their attention is? Figure out how you can create a brand new experience for every event.

Just think about it. Shouldn’t your party booth be the centrepiece of the event rather than a novelty add-on in the corner?

The way to do this is to get your digital asset into the hands of every event guest. Deliver your photos to all event guests in seconds so they too can relive their colleagues and friends fun.

There is a way, but are you brave enough or are you Kodak?

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