6 cool videos about Snapchat

Snapchat is great, we all know it. But what is it really that drives millions of people to use it every day?

Originally published at snapmytee.com

Check out those six videos we selected telling stories about your favorite app these days.

1. Snapchat murders Facebook

Casey Neistat is the guy behind many great videos, but telling story about Snapchat using Breaking Bad reference?.. you got to see this.

2. How Snapchat filters really work

We all love to use filters, but there’s also a really cool science of how they actually work. Vox’ Joss Fong investigates the secrets of engineering behind them.

3. Snapchat has a king, bless up!

ABC News covers the daily life of DJ Khaled — major key!

4. Instagram murders Snapchat

Casey again, showing next chapter of the story, when Zuck started to copy-paste. Spoiler alert: Michelle Obama and Melania Trump in this one :)

5. I told you so

How the entrepreneurial hustler, Gary Vaynerchuk, predicted app success one more time.

6. Why do we love Snapchat?

Harris Markowitz looked at Snapchat’s history and interviewed Snapchat users on the streets of New York to find out.

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