Snappy Kraken Chats with Bill Winterberg

Click below to watch the video.

We had a great time joining Bill Winterberg yesterday at his studio in Atlanta.

Our chat ran for about 30 minutes. During that time we got a chance to talk about:

  • An overview of Snappy Kraken
  • Our vision for financial professionals
  • How we fit into a financial professional’s business
  • What’s happened since the XYPN16 Fintech competition
  • What marketing headaches do we solve
  • How we address compliance needs
  • A quick walkthrough of the Snappy Kraken platform
  • Details about our pricing and services

Acknowledgements and Gratitude:

Bill Winterberg for the hospitality and high energy chat.

XY Planning Network for everything they’ve done to help us get off the ground. Click here to check out their conference coming up August 28th.

The high engagement, encouragement and support from financial professionals and organizations across the country!

To find out more about Snappy Kraken, visit us at