The cast of Open Court decided to pick 10 players to add to the NBA’s 50 greatest players list. KG, A.I. tha Gawd, Mamba, Lebron, Dirk, and Tim Duncan made the list unanimously, as they should. Dominique Wilkens and Bob Mcadoo were added unanimously, as they should be. But Dwyane Wade was met with the

by half the room when Kenny brought his name up. Chauncey Billups was meh on him. Charles was a straight “no”. C. Webb wasn’t tryna hear Isiah’s ring talk.Then Shaq started throwing out names like Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, and T-Mac over D-Wade. And to top it all off, the room started kissing Reggie and C-webb’s ass like they had legit claims for the list, while making Wade share billing with similac breath having Kevin Durant.

Herein lies the difficulty of being a D-wade fan, especially post Decision 2010. Ive watched his entire career. He rose quickly, fell off quickly, came back with a vengeance, then struggled to share the reigns before acquiescing to one of the greatest talents the world has ever seen. You gotta fall back for Lebron.Its not going to work any other way. And as beat up as D-wade became, he ended up having to. Even still, in that first season with Lebron his line read 25–6–4.In the finals that year, it was D-wade averaging 26.5 points. 7 rebounds, and 5.2 assists while Lebron famously shat the bed repeatedly in the fourth quarter. But its hard to remind and explain to Heat band wagoners/Lebron disciples that the guy that sits out every other game with sore knees and can barely jump come playoff time was really fucking good at one point.Y’all just wasn’t paying attention.

I see this process time and time again when it comes to Flash. You put his career in historical context, make a claim (such as Mark Jackson proclaiming Wade the third best tw0 guard of all time) and people have to exhaust all options before coming to the realization that D-wade has had a better career than most.

That has to be the reason these guys were so intent on finding somebody, anybody to put in his spot.

Bruh…I love Penny, GP, and T-Mac…but:

-Penny flamed out after 5 years. 4 all-star teams and 3 allnbas does not a better career than Dwyane Wade’s make.

-GP was great but his accolades and numbers don’t hold up next Wade’s. And he would have retired without a ring had Flash not destroyed the Mavs in 06. As great as he was, was GP considered a top 3 player for years like Wade? Could GP drop 30–7–5 on 48% shooting and drag Super Beas and Jermaine Oneal’s corpse to the playoffs?…No sir, he couldn’t.

-T-MAC?…He who hadn't sniffed the second round until he was riding pine in San Antonio against the Heat?….now to be fair, the basketball gawds fucked T-mac dawg royally. Fucked all his sidekicks up and took his back and knees out in the process…but no. He shouldn’t be placed over Wade historically.

I love C-Webb and Reggie…but:

-C-webb played 15 years and made 5 allstar teams. 5. Never been to the finals. 4 time all nba. D.wade has doubled his all star and all nba accolades. Cut it out.

-Reggie played 18 years and made 5 allstar teams. Never sniffed an allnba first or second team….career averages: 18–3–3…No

As for Kevin Durant , can we let him get his weight up before we start putting him above guys who’ve put in consistent work already? He’s only got 7 years under his belt. They’ve been an incredible 7 but let him cook a bit longer.

Here’s the deal:

Dwyane Wade is a 3x nba champion. You can be like C.Webb and go“bu bu but he had Lebron and Shaq” but you’d be an idiot. First of all, the “he had {insert hall of famer}” arguments are tired. There have been 9 franchises who have won titles over the past 34 seasons. 7 of those franchises are repeat offenders and all of them have been on the losing end of the finals as well. Stacked ass teams and top tier franchises win rings. No superstar talent has won a title sans an allstar or hall of famer or competent front office. NONE. Kobe’s rings with Shaq as the man count. Duncan’s rings with Kawhi and Tony as finals mvps count. KG’s ring with Paul Pierce as final mvp counts.

For some reason, Shaq tends to forget that during his Heat tenure, D-wade was leading the team in scoring and assists in the regular season and playoffs. D-wade also rendered one of the greatest finals performances ever to the tune of 35–7–5 while Shaq was putting up 13 and 10. IT WAS D-WADE’S TEAM.As far as all the ref talk …NOPE! He put up 35 per.It count.

I acknowledge that he was complete ass cheeks in the 2014 finals so Ima take that L and keep it moving.Even still, with no cartilage in them knees, D-wade’s worst season is good for 19–4–4 on 54% shooting.

D-wade is a scoring champion, finals mvp, all star game mvp,10x allstar, 8x allnba (2x first team), 3x all defense, and the all-time leader in blocked shots for players 6-foot-4 and under. His career averages are 24–6–5 on 49% shooting, with ablock and 2 steals. For perspective, Tha Gawd Kobe Bean number’s are 25–5–5 on 45%. Mighty similar, eh?

bruh…Dwyane Wade is one of them goats. Don’t be debating and turning your nose up and looking around for alternatives. Not only should he be on the list, he should be u-fucking-nanimous. What 2 guards not named Michael, Kobe or Jerry are fucking with his resume? You can name names but the actual comparisons are going to hurt your feelings. Flash has been better than ,apparently, the majority of the world thinks. He’s on the downside of his career, sure. He rocks salmon capris pants and traded the fly ass Flash name for the corny ass fuck W.O.W nonsense..and he was real real sorry when the Kang needed him most last year..I didn’t say being a D-Wade fan in 2014 was easy. I’m just saying this last season doesn't negate what he’s done. Not one bit. D-wade put together a career that deserves to be honored with the big boys. Respect it.

That’s my shooting gawd