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The data era is here. Like any new shiny thing, with it comes with acclaimed hope and slick promises.

Truth is always less glossy than the sales brochure.

No matter how you parse or present all that data, it can’t tell you where to go. All it can ever do is point, hopefully to some things you may not have thought of yet. That is its core value, showing us blind spots and revealing ignored interconnections. This information could possibly help you get where you want to go.

Is this important?

Well, it is if you say it is.

Data can show us what happened in the past. It can’t say why anything happened though. We must overlay our values over the data to give it any value. We say what matters.

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With all the work from home & remote productivity articles published here in the last month, you’d think there would be more practical and tactical tips about improving your connection itself. I didn’t see those anywhere, so I wrote this.

Because if you’re trying to work online from home, there are a few things you should really know about your internet connection.

1. Wi-Fi is always the last resort

ethernet cable to plug in
ethernet cable to plug in

Yes, wireless internet works, mostly. But it will never work as well as the wire that plugs into your computer. Sad but true.

You likely already have an ethernet cable that’s too short somewhere, and the box that it plugs into is probably someplace inconvenient for working anyway. Fortunately, both of these things are very simple to fix. Run a longer cable either to or from your router, up to 100-feet in length will still work better than wifi. …

kindness this way sign
kindness this way sign

The longer the lockdowns last, the more people question it and make “exceptions” and yell at each other for violating it.

It’s an odd time for all of us.

Odds are

  • you will be exposed to the Coronavirus this year
  • it won’t kill you, no matter your age
  • it will kill people you know, probably several

What is 100% certain now is that our healthcare systems are soon to be overwhelmed. It’s already happening in places.

The lockdowns are all about lowering the odds that you & those you love will wind up needing lifesaving care when there’s not enough of it to go around. …


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