What’s in a name? When you run a startup, a fair amount. If I had a pound for every time I’ve said the words “Snap Fashion” over the past 5 years I’d have matched our Series A round and more. The name of your startup becomes synonymous with the product, the people, the culture and (weirdly) the founder. I am “Jenny Snap Fashion” to most people.

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The new Snap Tech logo

Which is why to many people it seems strange that, after 1,915 days, we’ve decided to change our name to Snap Tech. The reason?

“Hi, I’m Jenny, the founder of Snap Fashion… we’re actually a tech company.” …

There are some moments that, as a company founder, you realise are pretty pivotal to your business. Over the years we’ve had a few; but this is the one that I’m the most excited about to date, as it’s going to take visual search and product discovery online to a whole new level.

Here it goes… we’ve just closed our Series A round with Time Inc. Yes that Time Inc… of Time Magazine, InStyle, People, Marie Claire, LOOK, NME… the list continues.

I’m personally incredibly excited about the strategic investment that Time Inc have made, as it will allow both companies to flourish in a competitive landscape. I’ve always had huge respect for Time and the reach and influence of its portfolio within the fashion community. (Hey, I’m an InStyle reader for over a decade and counting, and still fan-girling whenever I set foot inside their offices). …

Nearly 4 years ago, I said goodbye to my lovely co-workers at Thales, handed in my notice, and started up my business. At the time I didn’t know how big an impact it would have on my life — from moving hundreds of miles and back in with my (incredibly patient and awesome) parents while I had absolutely no money and only a crazy idea, to learning new skills, delivering literally thousands of pitches, and ultimately letting over a quarter of a million people search visually every month.

However, today might be the proudest day in my career to date. We’ve just launched a new app, and I’ve never been so proud of a product. We’ve never created anything this beautiful before. And for those of you who know me well, it takes a lot to say something this boastful and positive. My usual response is “yeah… it’s not too shabby.” So maybe I should rephrase… our new app is the definition of not too shabby. …


Snap Vision Team

We are the team behind Snap Vision, the award-winning visual search company based in London

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