Snark: Tokenomics Vesting Schedule

Disclaimer: These are not Snark’s token metrics, these are an example for research purposes.

The release and distribution of tokens is a key issue with regards to evaluation and marketcap.

Example vesting schedule

20% upfront (month 1)
20% each following month (4 months total)

This model does not take distribution ownership into consideration.

If 1 entity controlled 20% of all tokens, and received 20% upfront, they could create 20% circulating supply fluctuations (Assuming everyone had the same release schedule).

This creates risk in terms of token stability.

Instead we propose the vesting sliding scale. The following is an example of the proposed model.

0–100 ETH 20% each month (0.2–20 ETH each month for 5 months)
101–250 ETH 15% each month (15.15–37.5 ETH for 7 months)
251–500 ETH 10% each month (25.1–50 ETH for 10 months)
501–1,000 ETH 5% each month (25,05–50 ETH for 20 months)

The model allows for a more stable release of tokens irrespective of the ownership of the tokens.