I have a confession: I opened the pumpkin spice early. And I drank some. I work at a very popular coffee chain that I cannot mention by name. They cannot know of my insubordination, though it may already be too late.

But I, Snarky, opened the pumpkin spice and made a latte prior to the launch date.

My sins are many and they are egregious in nature. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I drank the pumpkin spice and I am not sorry. This really isn’t about drinking the pumpkin spice, however; this is about my own desire for rebellion. This is about that streak I have in me, that stubbornness…I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know why it exists. I just know it makes me do crazy things sometimes. I’m trying to do the next right thing but my desire for trouble overpowers it. I wanted to challenge authority. I wanted to challenge a rule that, in my opinion, was stupid.

Every year we open the pumpkin spice early so that employees at our store can try it. This year, we were prohibited from sampling. The management feared that the employees would drink all of the pumpkin spice and not leave any to sell to customers. This is never been an issue in the past…not with pumpkin spice, anyway. I felt the need to challenge a power trip. I open the pumpkin spice despite explicit prohibition.

Am I proud of my action? No. I probably should have selected my battles more prudently. This probably was not a wise one to have selected…and really, do I need to be making more enemies? Again, no. I did it because I refuse to be pushed around. I’m picking life back after having been kicked in the teeth so many times myself. It may just be a small battle, completely inconsequential to the universe at large but to me, it was a victory. I fought back. And I would do it again the same way. I regret nothing. That rebelliousness counteracts the complacency that I had feared was about to overtake my existence. Complacency is destructive; perhaps rebellion is my weapon of choice.

One win for the rebellion. One HUGE victory for pumpkin beverages.

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