Sunday Morning Cup of Sunshine

After eight super hyper years in the coffee world, this sarcastic little Coffee Master/barista/world commentator has a few recommendations for that special Sunday beverage. Sunday Fundays are special, indeed…do not besmirch them with boring weekday coffee. Following are two suggestions to add some Sunday jazz for the regular drip drinker:

1. Cafe-au-Lait — quite literally, “coffee with milk.” Half coffee, half steamed milk. Go fancy and ask for “breve,” (pronounced BREV-ay) which is steamed cream/half-and-half. The breve gives the drink a full-bodied milkshakey flavor, perfect for a little Sunday morning splurge; for those who want to skip the calories, nonfat milk works, too. This drink is also known as a “Caffe Misto” at some very popular coffee establishments. And ok, I know this drink isn’t crazy super jazzified, but for typical regular coffee drinkers, this is a whole new world of special. Since we’ve gone this far, a secret twist: mix in cinnamon powder. My grandma is spinning in her grave right now.

2. French Pressed coffee — for the coffee enthusiast who doesn’t have the time to appreciate the intricate taste of brewed coffee during the week. A press extracts the full range of flavor because of the coarser grind that is used when preparing it. The coffee will need to steep for approximately four minutes. I recommend that this beverage be enjoyed slowly (no, you CANNOT order it “to go;” sit yourself down and read a book or something) and with a pastry. Food pairings can alter the taste of your favorite coffee by enhancing non-dominant flavor characteristics. A cinnamon coffee cake can work miracles on average coffee. Not that pressed coffee is ever simply “average,” but just make note of that for those weekdays when your coffee falls flat. And you’re welcome.

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