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I don’t know what’s goin’ on lately, but there has been a huge amount of design theft happening in Wichita and to Wichita Artists. Not that the occurrence of artists’ works being stolen is new, just that I’ve been noticing it here. With the advent of the internet and high res scanning, anything that an artist uploads in order to gain admirers can now easily be stolen and printed on anything from coffee mugs to California King comforter sets.

So, let’s take a look today at what to do to keep yourself and your art protected. The below information is useful if you are worried about your art being stolen or if it has been stolen and the offender is not making money off of your work. Get thee to a lawyer immediately if the offending party is making money from your work.
**DISCLAIMER***This advice is in no way meant to replace the assistance of a lawyer, or meant as any kind of legal advice. I am not a lawyer.

What to do right now if you’re worried about your art being stolen:

Post a Notice/Disclaimer:
 This has been around since the internet! Check out my own disclaimer at the bottom of my ‘more info’ link: it’s pretty informal but gets the job done. It’s a statement that all the content, images, and other things belong solely to their creators. In this case, it is me, and whom ever I’ve attributed images to.
 Add Watermarks to Your Images:
 The easiest thing to do is add a watermark to pictures of your work. This site has a very simple privacy policy and is easy to follow. They’re not custom watermarks, but hey. Baby steps. Keep the resolution of all the images you post of your work online as small as humanely possible. (Thieves don’t generally want to steal art that looks shitty.)

Read more ways to thwart Design Theft at snarkandstring.com

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