Is It Monday Or Is It Me?

It all feels a little…muted today.

I think we all need a nap

It’s entirely possible that I’m projecting but today’s White House Daily Briefing felt…ennui-ish.

Seriously, it felt like every answer Sean Spicer gave had undertones of sighs and shrugs. More than once I expected him to just toss his hands up in defeat and say “I don’t know why he does what he does, you guys. He’s a mystery.”

I’m really hoping that this is just a case of the Mondays because Our Cheetotantrum Overlord said some really scary things over the weekend that need to be explained. He said he’d be honored to meet with Kim Jong Un and called him a “smart cookie.” He also praised the Philippine President — a man who has called for the assasination of journalists (among other awful stuff —and invited him to the White House.

I mean, I understand that it’s only been a couple of weeks since Trump learned that Korea had never been part of China. And I’m pretty sure learning that was edged out of his brain by the memory of that amazing chocolate cake but seriously. Praising homicidal dictator monsters is not cool.

But, while the reporters in the room did their best to illustrate just how uncool it is and called for clarification and explanation, Spicer just seemed almost bored. His response was basically “Look, he says what he says and things change so don’t worry so much about it,” (phrasing mine).

That might be true, but seeing Spicer so resigned and non-reactive scares me. Because if the man whose entire livelihood depends on his giving a full throated and energetic defense of Trump (no matter how wrong he may be and how many lies he has to tell to do so) just can’t be bothered? The rest of us can’t be far behind.


Anyway, here’s today’s Storify of my Daily Briefing live tweets.

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