Jared Will Save Us!

If he can fit it into his schedule, that is.

Today’s White House Briefing was only around a half hour long, which was nice because ZOMG SO TIRED. I got up early to watch the vote on whether Judge Gorsuch should get a confirmation vote (this sounds redundant but it’s a super important step in the process). Once that final vote happens I’ll write up the Saga of Gorsuch but for now let’s stick with the briefing.

Behind every great man is…oh wait. (Photo Credit: Getty/Chip Somodevill)

For those who haven’t been playing along at home, here’s the setup: Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law. You’d think there wouldn’t be a lot of love between the two of them as Trump has said more than once that he’d be totally doing Ivanka if it weren’t for the pesky fact that, y’know, he’s her dad and stuff. Somehow, though, they seem to have a pretty strong bromance going on. They are so close, in fact, that Trump has made Jared a Senior Advisor and given him a staff and a portfolio that would make even the most hyper-organized among you cry.

Among a bunch of other duties (including overseeing the US’s relationships with Canada, Mexico, and China and fixing the VA) it is officially Jared’s job to broker peace in the middle east and to overhaul the entire federal government to make it run more like a corporation.

Yes, seriously.

Today we learned that Jared is also leading a trip to Iraq where he will represent the United States and, along with Pentagon officials: “visit with U.S. forces in the field to receive an update on the status of the counter-Isis campaign in Iraq and Syria.”

When pressed on the issue of why in the holy f*ck Jared Kushner (who has zero military or diplomatic experience) is the one leading this trip and not, say, Rex Tillerson or someone else in the cabinet or State Department, Sean Spicer (visibly annoyed by the question) said that, unlike anybody in the cabinet or at the State Department, Jared actually has Trump’s ear.


There are a lot of bad things Spicer could have let slip in that moment. Admitting that Trump refuses to listen to his Cabinet, State Department officials and possibly even his Joint Chiefs? Might be the worst. It’s one of those things everybody already knows but nobody is supposed to say out loud. It forces the question: who the frak is really in charge here?

This is not a question the world should be asking. Especially when North Korea might be threatening our country with a nuclear strike.

Or maybe Jared is supposed to take care of that too?

Anyway, here are today’s Storified live tweets from the daily briefing!

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