Someone should do something, and we’re all someone

Something’s wrong with this picture.

Someone should do something.

Say something.

Like thank Chris for his service.

Show Alaina how to fold that flag tighter.

Tell Peter to untuck his thumbs when he stands at attention.

Move that flash over his left eye.

Fix his shirt collar.

Except we can’t do any of that.

No one can.

Because what’s really wrong with this picture of Chris, Alaina, and Peter is that they were murdered this week at a Florida high school.

Chris Hixon — Athletic Director, Veteran

Hixon was fatally injured after he raced to the scene of the shooting to try to help students, the school’s head football coach told NPR.

Alaina Petty — Freshman, JROTC

“It is impossible to sum up all that Alaina was, and meant, to her family & friends,” the family wrote in a statement to the Herald. “Alaina was a vibrant and determined young woman, loved by all who knew her.”

Peter Wang — Freshman, JROTC

Peter, 15, was in the [J]ROTC program, according to the Herald. His cousin told the newspaper that Peter was in study hall when the shooting began and that he had been holding a door so others could escape.

I do not want to learn from this.

Duty should not be a wrestling coach gunned down protecting his students. Honor is not supposed to be a girl who will never fold another flag. Selfless service cannot be a kid holding a door to keep his friends alive.

No more lessons. We’ve learned enough. No more words. We’ve said enough. We know what’s wrong. We can fix it.

We can vote. We can campaign. We can run ourselves. Take the power back from those who side with the NRA.

Let the talking end yesterday. Let the doing start today. So we don’t have another Chris, Alaina, and Peter tomorrow.

Someone should do something.

We’re all someone.

We should. We can. We will.

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