Heaven of Bicycles, Amsterdam

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How have you been doing? I’ve missed writing in English the past month and now, I am ready to continue my challenge again.

Do you remember what was my challenge?

Yes, correct, writing in English.

Enough of warming up, I will continue the main topic.

Last weekend, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time. I didn’t have enough time to go around and visit every where like a tourist, but it was enough to get to this conclusion:

I can like this my sterious city. …

Personal Notes
Personal Notes
Personal Notes


About a month ago, I wrote about “Personal Notes Languages”. I added a questionnaire to find out which language people use when writing their notes at work, their mother tongue or the working language.

The target group was people who are working in an environment, which language is not their mother tongue.

For example, they are immigrants or working in an international company and everything related to work is not their mother tongue.

Maybe you are an English native and working in German Company, or like me, I am Persian native speaking, working in a German company and the working language is English. …


I had a special experience on Saturday, September 21. 8 hours visit to Dresden, around 30 k steps and visit as much as I could:

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Dresden has been ruined during world war, especially with many many bombs dropped on this beautiful city, lots of fire and burnings. And then it was reconstructed again. This is why I read in an article that it can be called Phoenix.

I never thought that sharing my feelings will be this hard with my second language. …


Samaneh Nasihatkon

I’m a brave human who has come out of her comfort zone and fight all the taboos around. I have a blog in Persian language and here I am writing in English.

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