Bitcoin X as the 10th anniversary of the launch of Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Ethereum are known for being both the most popular digital currencies all over the world. Bitcoin has been always the #1 coin ranked on CMC and Ethereum has been second for a considerably amount of time, if not that always.

But both of them are also known for having scalability issues. While Ethereum has not decided yet if it is going to use Casper or Plasma to solve it’s scalability issues, Bitcoin has much more yet problemas to solve.

At the end, VISA can handle over 20,000 transactions per second while Bitcoin and Ethereum can only handle 7 and 15 tps respectively. But there is an option that is gaining the attention through the community of crypto enthusiasts: Stellar Lumens and it’s Stellar Consensus Protocol implementation.

But what is Bitcoin X?

As it is claimed on the site:

“Bitcoin X is an asset running on Stellar that aims to accomplish the Satoshi’s vision under an scalable way so people can use a global peer-to-peer electronic cash system. We are a blockchain enthusiasts who seek to bring to this community a payment method they can trust on solving scalability issues.”

And what about Stellar?

Stellar has been one of the most popular blockchains gaining attention these days. Since they announced their partnership with IBM in October 15, 2017 the Stellar blockchain has being gaining traction among developers all across the world.

In the words of Jed McCaleb co-founder of Stellar:

“For the first time, public blockchain technology is being used in production to facilitate cross-border payments in multiple integrated currency corridors. Currently, cross-border payments take up to several days to clear. This new implementation is poised to affect a profound change in the South Pacific region, and once fully scaled by IBM and its banking partners, could potentially change the way money is moved around the world, helping to improve existing international transactions and advancing financial inclusion in developing nations.”

We think he is right but we need to implement that payment solution in an ecosystem where has been proven its usefulness. The one that Satoshi one day have envisioned where the amount of coins are limited to a max supply. Where there is no central authority or third party. One with much faster transaction speed and much lower transaction fee that also could handle over +1000 transactions per second, solving the scalability issue.

The 10th anniversary of Bitcoin

Bitcoin on January 3 of 2019 is going to have it’s 10th anniversary since the mining of the first block on it’s blockchain, the so called genesis block.

Our intent is to pay tribute for everything Satoshi has made for us. He gave us the vision and the tool, now ten years after its launch, it is time for community to improve their system and also bring to the world a solution that he one day dreamt of: a peer-to-peer cash system that can be used globally.