Physically I am not hurting. Emotionally and mentally, I am not suffering or angry. But theoretically, and on a purely philosophical level, I am. I am in pain. I am frustrated and disgusted by the lack of sympathy and indifference for the Syrian crisis.

A French scientist by the name of Louis Pasteur is quoted to have once said, “One does not ask of one who is suffering, ‘What is your country and what is your religion?’ One merely says, ‘You suffer, that is enough for me.’”

The misconception and manipulation in the media today is dividing the human race in what appears to be a purposefully disgraceful and superficially wretched manner. People are innately good, yet the lack of research on their part to truly understand leads us to very ignorantly and quickly misjudge reality. Opinions are formed awkwardly and often wrongly, they are somehow believed devoutly, and then expressed forcefully. It should be a very elementary notion that a violent act committed by one person is not representative of that person’s skin color, ethnicity, or religion. All acts of violence are representative of the violent mindset of that person and that person’s actions alone. That’s it.

The majority of people from the western world is judging before feeling. On the news we see veiled women and bearded men and their little minion children, and even though they’re begging for asylum and refuge, clearly desperate for something as innocent as relief, a verdict is already ruled against their favor. Why? Because of our inability as the more civilized people to relate to them due partly to the way they look and the way they dress and the language they speak. Because of their religion and culture and their supposed beliefs and the world’s growing need to fear it, dehumanize it, and misrepresent it.

This is not a religious issue. Nor is it a Syrian issue alone. It’s a human issue whose solution should not be based on differences but the similarity to which any group of people would react under such conditions.

We all bleed the same way, in the same color and we would flee just as aggressively if we were faced with the same conditions these refugees are facing.

This is a genocide, a holocaust, and the worst humanitarian disaster of our time and the fact that I am Syrian born should not be the only reason that qualifies me to discuss this issue.

Yes, I am directly associated to this atrocity because I am Syrian born, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be Syrian born to be directly affected by this disaster.

We can no longer look at each other through prejudiced lenses, but just one. One lens that sees one crises like any other.

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