Depok, September 1st 2016

A yummy sundae on 2014 New Year’s Eve

My dear,
Welcome to Jakarta! So I know this is your first attempt living outside your comfort zone. Away from your parents, from your brothers, from Leo. But remember, things will going to be fine. Although of course you will need some getting used to.

Mind your surroundings, see the world. It’s much bigger world than you have ever seen. This is your moment and it counts as preparation phase towards greater, vaster world out there.

See now, you left your car back in your hometown. But not to worry for here you have other means of transportation — public! You will see how crowded there is in the morning as people buzzing like a swarm of bees looking for honey. In the evening you will feel people’s eagerness to come back home after a day of productive work to see their loved ones. It is us and the world in motion.

My dear,
Nothing of extraordinary comes cheap. There is always price to pay, sacrifice to be made. You’ll harvest what you sow and nurture. So I hope you sow your dreams firmly and nurture it like a little baby your dream is. But sometimes things may seem to move the other way around. Such downsides should not make you feel little. It’s life as we know it. You will learn how to swim back up to shores whenever waves hit you hard to the middle of the ocean.

I don’t know if your job now is the best fit for you. Let alone a dream job. One thing I sure know that it provides countless opportunities. You will learn so much and give so much at the same time. I hope you enjoy your job as much as I do.

My dear,
From now on you’ll have one thing to be missed, and that is your mommy’s cooking! You will know how wonderful it is every time you back to your hometown, taking a sip from mommy’s homemade soup in the cold, rainy days.

I am hoping that I can always be the one you can always count on. However, I know I cannot compete with you. Because you yourself are the one you can always count on.

I hope the fact that your room is getting a little bit quieter will not make it less like a home.


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