The curious relationship between me and God

Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return

The first?

What is going on in the world? everything.
People marching, wandering about, dancing and prancing, working, living.
Before today and all mentioned in advance, where was I? What did I do?
Was I just living in an empty world?
If I was, why’d You bother creating a hollow space?
Or was my memory about it had simply wiped out? If it was, why?
Why don’t I remember a thing about it?
This has made me curious.
Did I do wrong before I was even born?

The second

Why was I born here, on Earth?
I mean, why did my soul placed in this particular carcass?
Why was I born with this kind of consciousness?
I mean, why was I born with an eagerness to do this but not to do that?
Why were some born in poverty, but others in abundance?
I mean, why were some born lucky but others in misery?
Does this mean that You have set my sole purpose on Earth?
This has made me curious.
Did I do wrong to deserve this life?

The last?

What is the afterlife?
Is that where will I go after all of this on Earth?
Then again, are Paradise and Inferno real? 
If it’s real, does Heaven can hold all the people in the world?
If it doesn’t, does Hell created to accommodate the remnant of mankind?
If it is, then half of why there are bad people in the mortal world is answered.
That Heaven is a luxurious residential estate, who can afford are only saints.
This has made me curious.
Did I do wrong to question You all my life?

The sole purpose of this poem is to accommodate my curiosity. What do you think?