Is killing yourself the solution?

Last week Chester Bennington hanged himself to death and so did 12,960 people across the globe(WHO estimates that 1 suicide occurs every 40 seconds). People mourned, they cried ,they listened to his songs on loop with teary eyes and I just laid on my bed with dozens of question rushing my mind. Questions like ‘Why did he die like this?’, ‘What about his family and friends’, ‘Why couldn’t he battle his depression despite of having family and friends?’, ‘Did he even reach out to them?’, ‘Did Suicide silence his troubled mind?’, ‘Was suicide his ultimate solution?’, ‘Was suicide 12,960 people’s ultimate solution?’.

Obviously not!! They definitely failed to reach out to their loved ones or doctors. Unlimited advice and support at hands yet they thought the answer was death, they thought that death would calm their uneasy mind — yes it did but at what cost??? LIFE?? giving away life just to silence the hay wired demons in their head?? They failed to fight for this beautiful life. They gave up!

They still committed suicide. why? It’s because their minds get rusted with depression, the depression that is so stubborn it won’t go, the depression that constantly rusts the mind with brownish black thoughts of loneliness and pain and tricks it into believing that this is its fate, this is how they are going to be for the rest of their lives, living with sadness and pain and so its better to take away the life because NOW or NEVER! And that’s why those hours spent in the doctors cabin go in vain.

Depression leaves none and so does the thought of suicide. Most of the population has definitely had the thought of dying at least once in their lifetime but it takes a real gutsed person to take away life, to stop breathing and know nothing henceforth. I was in depression for almost 2 years. I made very less human contact. I hated going out. In 12th grade I knew everybody in my college and in my 1st year engineering I never bothered to make friends. Still I had somehow managed to make 15 lovely friends whom i spoke rarely to but they never stopped inviting me to events.

Life was like a slow black and white movie. Melancholic song in the background. Frowned faces everywhere. Ah! i just wanted to come out of it and I could see all the solutions to my problems walking around me ,with warmth smiles, yet I had no courage to open up my thoughts to them.You see it was ME, the solution was to just go and talk to one of those 15 friends or just talk to my mom or my sister or anybody and they would have gladly helped me out but I held myself back, it was me who dint speak. It was me.

What I want to say is — When a person is depressed they don’t want to talk,their mind is totally rigid, they don’t want to listen to what people say. A depressed person should first remove that rust from his/her mind(Very essential) thus opening their mind to new thoughts and then just go talk to the person you are close to or a psychiatrist or your classmate or your colleague, tell them whats bothering you and they will surely help you out.

Killing yourself is not the solution at all. When a person kills himself/herself he/she create this disease called sadness which spreads quickly within his/her circles. Now, nobody wants that right? Because you are human and you got a bit of humanity left in you.

If you are depressed person unable to talk to your loved ones or doctor but searching for help, you can do the following : 1) (Indian helpline). 2) . 3)Leave a mail to with subject ‘I don’t want to give up on life’.

You got this one life. Make sure you live it to the fullest.


P.S. : On a fine day I finally spoke about my depression to girl sitting next to me in my class and she along with her best friend helped me out with my dilemmas and I can’t thank them enough!

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