Response to White Woman: Why You Should Not Vote For Donald Trump

I was compelled to respond to the following blog piece because friends of mine thought it was accurate and informative. This was upsetting to me because the author claims Hillary Clinton’s actions are worse than sexual assault. Needless to say, this is offensive to women who have been assaulted. And to women who haven’t. And to any human being.

I share the author’s experience, as do too many women, and I think most women with this experience would say she’s wrong. We cannot ignore how the presidential candidate conducts himself with women and promotes rape culture.

The author begins:

What’s wrong with the above argument:

  1. Even though the author claims she is “not excusing what he did/said AT ALL” she is literally doing the dictionary definition of excusing his actions by saying what Secretary Clinton did was worse and by choosing to continue her support for him.
  2. Let’s look at what Sec. Clinton did that the author claims was worse than a man sexually assaulting a woman. Sec. Clinton performed her duties as a lawyer. In the case of the rapist that the author is referring to, Sec. Clinton asked the judge to be taken off the case because she was uncomfortable defending him, however the judge denied her request. In our country’s justice system, even our rapists have a constitutional right to a lawyer.
  3. The author states that Sec. Clinton “helped cover up the abuses done by her husband while he was president” this statement is both vague and illogical. Why would a wife help her husband cheat on her? More importantly, the author is judging a woman by her husband’s actions. In 2016 we should judge a woman by her own merits, not the actions of her husband.
  4. The most troubling statement made by the author is that “Actions like [Sec. Clinton’s] have MUCH more of a ripple [effect]* than the derogatory comments and actions of Donald Trump.” The author here concludes that Donald Trump’s long history of seeing, using, and imposing himself on women purely as sexual objects is not as bad as a woman who did her job. Donald Trump is normalizing his perverse treatment of women by claiming it’s locker room banter instead of sexual assault. THAT is promoting our rape culture. Rape culture is young boys hearing Donald joke about assaulting women and thinking sexual assault is just playful fun. Rape culture is young women who were sexually assaulted hearing his words and being unsure if what happened to them is wrong. This is not something you can brush off. He does not represent women. He assaults them.

*I changed the author’s word use here because there is no such thing as a ‘ripple affect’

The author continues:

In Donald’s words, the above statement is “wrong, wrong, wrong”:

  1. The author is stating that the issues of racism and sexism should not be focused on in this election or by the government. How convenient to overlook these specific issues, as Donald trump is the embodiment of both these festering societal ills. I’ll refer you to literally anything Donald has said about any woman for evidence of his sexism. But racist? Well there’s when he called Mexican’s rapists and criminals, his desire to ban all Muslims from America, his support of stop and frisk, his welcomed support from the Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and, of course, his two large settlements paid to the US government for housing discrimination against black tenants.
  2. Racism was not simply overcome by a movement of people- the end result of the movement was a change in the constitution. This means that the government was involved in remedying the issue (the author must have forgotten that the judicial branch is actually part of the government).
  3. The author states “These have been issues in our country since day 1, and the MEDIA is much more responsible than the government.” The media spreads information about people, places and events, sometimes in a biased manner, sometimes not. However, the media does not make laws. Therefore it is not “much more responsible” for resolving the problems in our society.

This following section demonstrates the author’s xenophobia and fear:

The above is truly abhorrent. Here’s what’s wrong with it:

  1. There has never been a reported case of a refugee committing a terrorist act.
  2. WE HAVE AN EXTREMELY THOROUGH SCREENING PROCESS FOR SYRIAN REFUGEES! Only a small number of refugees make it through this vetting process because it takes years and involves numerous interviews and background checks. In addition, applicants must prove they need refugee status because they were persecuted by the Assad regime. Most refugees that gain entry to the US are female led households (i.e. women and children). Still scared?
  3. Why would refugees escaping war want to bring violence to their new home? A peaceful life is what they’re searching for.
  4. If the author has been to these places as she claims she has, I doubt she talked to the refugees and their families. They are people who led boring, safe lives, just like the author, before the civil war.
  5. Sec. Clinton does not advocate open borders. More importantly, yes we have been attacked by “terrorists FROM OTHER COUNTRIES” but Americans are far more likely to be murdered by a fellow American than a foreign terrorist. Statistically, Americans should be more scared by obesity and cars... Also probably guns but we don’t know for sure because the gun lobby successfully blocked federal funding for documenting and researching gun violence. Yay ignorance!
  6. And that brings us to guns. These last statements by the author attempt subtlety as she states that Sec. Clinton wants to take guns away from Americans. The author then revels in how defenseless and vulnerable we will all be to the previously mentioned terrorist refugees (again, none documented) if Sec. Clinton gets her way. Sec. Clinton actually advocates what the author herself says she wants. In her own words the author states “I do think that the screening process should be more intense when you go to buy a gun.” The author is in full agreement with Hillary Clinton on the issue of guns. She either didn’t bother to find out Sec. Clinton’s stance on gun laws or is willfully making shit up.

  1. If Donald becomes president America will not transform, like the proverbial pumpkin, into a business. America is a country and we need a leader who knows how to interact with other countries, not broadly disavow whole populations or tweet petty insults at 3am.
  2. The author claims the rich shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate. She claims paying more is unfair because most rich people became rich by working hard and being smart in business. Sound familiar? Donald also claimed he worked hard to become the success he is today. In reality Donald was GIVEN an inheritance of 40 million dollars. It’s easy to make money when you already have it.. and when you avoid paying taxes.
  3. Even if America could be compared to a business, which it cannot, Donald’s past history in business suggests that he would bankrupt the country, setup fraudulent entities, and use litigation tactics to get out of paying for work. Which, in our finely interlaced global economy, would at best cause us to lose our trustworthiness as a trading partner, at worst enter us into war with our former allies.

You can agree with the author and ignore my criticism of this next part if you’re pro-life, anti-gay, or believe climate change is a hoax invented by China:

  1. The number of abortions in this country is not horrifying, as the author suggests. What’s horrifying is how men in this country are legislating women’s bodies without their consent. Republican senators have imposed 48 hour waiting periods on women who need abortions. They’ve shut down many providers, causing women in need to travel huge distances, twice. This is is especially detrimental to poor women, those who would have to struggle immensely to support a child.
  2. The author states that babies born at 22 weeks survive. She is implying to the reader that abortions regularly involve 22 week old babies when 91.4% of abortions occur in the 1st trimester and those that do occur late term are a result of serious health issues.
  3. This last part is the most important as a woman and a human being. Donald trump said he supported Justice Scalia, a man who voted against marriage equality, the voting rights act (which insures that southern states cannot impose restrictions on voting), and every other progressive social issue. Donald said he would appoint justices like Scalia. If you are pro-choice do not vote for Donald.

And last, but certainly not the least crazy argument:

WOW. Mike Pence might actually be worse than the Donald. In 1998 he said, “smoking doesn’t kill.” In 1998!!! More importantly he created a law allowing religious conservatives to refuse service to gay couples.. In 2015! He also created a law outlawing abortions for reasons of birth defects.

In addition to there being no logical reason to vote for Trump Pence, Donald also thinks it’s okay to use nuclear weapons in Europe.. So the real question is what is more terrifying to you? Nuclear weapons or a nasty* woman?

*nasty; noun. meaning: powerful, intelligent, accomplished

P.S. Don’t be uninformed about your vote. You can see which candidate’s policies you agree with the most by taking this survey.