Finest quality roll bars for Mini Coopers

Also known as a roll cage, a roll bar is a specially designed frame to protect the occupants of the car during an event of an accident. Also, the chassis of the automobile gets stiffened by the roll bar installed in it. In fact, each bar of the roll cage adds a layer of rigidity and structural support to the automobile. The roll bars are highly recommended for motorsports events, including track days and autocross.

To help the owner of Mini Coopers, the supplier of high-end automotive parts Sneed4Speed offers an array of roll bars through its website.

The features of the roll bars sold by Sneed4Speed are discussed in subsequent sections.

E36 Convertible Roll Bar from Sneed4Speed

A roll bar used for convertibles and open-topped cars is often referred as roll-over bar. The roll bar for E36 from Sneed4Speed possesses 1.75 inch DOM steel tubing, along with .095 wall thickness. The customers are able to expand it into a full roll cage if they are interested in door to door racing. This roll bar is also compatible with coupe and four-door models. The Mini Cooper owners can get this product for 595 dollars from the company’s website.

Mini Cooper 4 Point Roll Bar from Sneed4Speed

The great thing about this roll bar is that it fits in the car as if it was pre-installed from the factory. This 4 point roll bar is designed using heavy duty automotive grade paint. This roll bar is SCCA and NASA approved. This roll bar is sold by the company for 495 dollars. The diagonal bars are pre-installed in the product and it comes fully with the harness. The customers can choose the roll bar model on the website which is compatible with R56 or R53. It is also made by using DOM steel tubing.

Mini Cooper 4 Point Roll Bar Non Race

Sneed4Speed also designs roll bars which cannot be used for tracks. This is available for almost half the price of roll bar used for the tracks. It is compatible with both cars without or with a sunroof. This product with raw unpainted steel allows the MINI owners to fit all four spare wheels. For its installation, a little bit of trimming of the plastic is needed. It is available for 250 dollars from the company’s website.

Apart from the roll bars, the owners of Mini Coopers can purchase an array of cat back exhaust systems. There is an availability of exhaust systems for models like R53, R56, and Mini Cooper S R56.

To order exhaust systems and roll bars for Mini Cooper, check this link: Give a call on 336–923–2044 for any query related to these products.