‘ Stop . Look . Go ’… funda for life!

Fido was having worst days of his life. Every day we used to take him for dripping (IV). Drop by drop we were also collecting hopes.

One day while coming back from Fido’s medication schedule, I saw a roadside board in the military area.

‘Stop. Look. Go! ’ My head gears started moving. These traffic rules are there to avoid jams, avoid accidents, have smoother flow on roads etc. Isn’t it applies to our life also? Do we take enough efforts to follow these ‘life directions’ before taking bigger decisions in life?

These thoughts dragged me in a near past incidence. Spruha, one of my good friends was getting married in few months. Like most of the girls, she was not ready, she was fearful, confused. We used to discuss a lot on this topic. She even tried to have word with her family but was not able to conclude anything. At the end, she just went with the flow. Today, like many others, she is facing problems in her life.

Many times, we ‘stop’ at the problem but without taking a close look we just ‘go’ ahead. Following these directions may help us to have a smoother ride.

Meanwhile, we stopped at red signal & Fido was sleeping on my lap keeping all the worries aside :).