Great things happen only when you dare to step ahead.

Going down the memory lane, when I think about four month old Sneha , the image of a girl occupied with clouds of doubt and lack of information comes in front of me. Honestly,earlier I had no idea about Hackathons , Web Development and much more.I have just listened about Hackathons but never participated in one.I remember, it was a hot and humid May afternoon,when I was going through my Instagram and came across a post by GirlScript Foundation.That post was mentioning about Uplift Project .When I started filling the form I had no idea about what this project is or how things will run in coming times, I just filled it out because I was eager to start my Web Development Journey and also,I didn’t expect much from an online course.After some days,I got the mail that I have been selected in the programme.I opted for two programmes - Web Development and Content Writing (Both of them make me completely curious and excited). Little did I know at that point of time how grateful my four month older self will be to May’s Sneha for opening the lock of a totally amazing , thrilling journey where you are going to learn, have fun,make friends and the list goes on.

Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

A great mentor helps you to achieve what seems impossible. –Mariela Dabbah

You people proved that ! You made the impossible possible.Arigato!

Photo by Arun Anoop on Unsplash



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