Around the World without Wheels!!!

This is short read about Uber a mobile app which has revolutionized the taxi world, this is about those fleeting ephemeral moments which give us lot of joy and about being a stranger and yet feeling at home. Not owning a car and needing to travel around the city I use Uber quite often. Just press a key and you cab is there in couple of minutes. Uber drivers are not professional drivers nor a Uber taxi is a real taxi. These drivers are owners and the taxi is really their own beloved vehicle.

Planning the long weekend in September and visiting a friend in Oregon, I had to board a flight from the Los Angeles airport that day. I clicked on the magic button and there came my ride. It started with a man blabbering 10 different languages in one sentence.Somehow in my thought cloud I painted a rainbow immediately with these words of him, splashing out like colors from various languages. I met Artur who was Armenian, Russian and Italian though he called himself Organically Armenian. How his ride starts was him saying Bon Jour Bambino blah blah blah blah square.. and ends with Senorita. Listening to this word itself somehow I thought of a girl dancing in a beautiful gown .Back from the thought cloud, Artur said he liked Bollywood songs since his kid likes to dance to them. I played a decent calm song for him.I had a long journey as compared to my other trips. This man started dancing on the tunes whenever there was music on.He was hilarious.While we were enjoying the tunes,ding!!!! came a pool request from hippie looking cool girl. She boarded the Uber with a friend. We were 4 people in Uber representing the true face of Los Angeles; an Indian Software Engineer, a mixed race organic Armenian and two Black Americans with beautiful tattoos. Artur, now my bambino friend, offered her to play music and she played some good party song. Bruno Mars count on me 1,2,3 really made me feel, all of four of us shared a connection, may be just of being happy together for that moment leaving all the worries behind. I imagined us going on a long road trip for no reason. Artur was jumping almost making dance moves. Never was I so much entertained on an Uber trip. We dropped the two girls to their destination and I was off to the airport to bid Chao to one of funniest liveliest Bambino(meaning a Male in Italian). Now back to my thought cloud, I feel what has sometimes made easy to live alone in this city of Los Angeles is meeting Angels, some very kind hearted some super funny and some just so inspiring. I love life. After a long time since it was never my first love;I have to confess;I love u,Los Angeles.

I read this somewhere which is so apt when I feel homesick in this remote place. “We will never reach home, but when friendly paths intersects for a moment you will be at home”. On a side note,thinking of homesickness, probably going back home might still make me homesick. The neighbor who made sweets for me like my mom did, my very first friends with whom I played for hours, the mango tree from which we would pluck mangoes will all be missing. That is why probably we don’t miss the place which is subject to change, we don’t miss the people who change faster than these places, what we really miss are the moments, we miss how special we felt in that moment. But that is the way, we live Life.Umm!!!! LIFE is a big word, let us say we live and love just the moments.

Bon Journ!!! Bambinos and Bambinas!!!!!