How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Android

A considerable part of your total device storage remains blocked by unwanted and unnecessary files for no good reasons. These files include cache & cookies, temporary files, duplicate files and other junk files. Out of this unnecessary block, duplicate files occupy a lot of storage space and accumulate on your device in large numbers over time. These identical files not only occupy precious storage space but it also affects device speed and performance negatively. Thus deleting these files make complete sense to improve device performance. You can perform the manual cleaning of your device or use the duplicate photos remover tools. Let’s discuss some of these useful tools here.

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover: This useful tool uses a proprietary intelligent De-Dupe algorithm to find and remove identical files from your device. It offers results in sets where you can decide to delete or retain the set of files. It helps you scan and locate identical photos taken in burst mode or HDR photos, resized or other similar photos instantly. It scans and removes similar and exact looking files from your device. The app runs in the background so that you can do your other important work on your device. It also helps you see memory consumed by these unnecessary files so that you can manage them well.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: Use this amazing tool to delete duplicate photos instantly on your Android device. This impressive tool uses smart algorithms to find and delete all similar and exact looking files instantly. This useful tool offers accurate results so that you can better manage your photo gallery effortlessly. It scans and analyzes files on the basis of same content, the same size, date, resolution etc. to find duplicates. It supports all popular image formats while searching for identical photo files. You can use this tool to de-duplicate your device internal and external memory space. Above all this app is free to use and available in various languages to support users around the world. This app is highly recommended for instant and accurate results.

Duplicate Media Remover: This useful app not only helps you remove similar or exact photos but it also helps you remove all sort of duplicate media files (audio, videos, music etc.) instantly. It helps you clean your device internal and external storage space. You can select any of the folders from internal or external storage to find and remove identical files. You can scan your device for identical files on regular intervals to keep your device duplicates free. By recovering additional storage space on your device it helps you speed up your device performance significantly.

Gallery doctor — Photo Cleaner: Gallery Doctor uses a combination of Machine Learning and Computer Vision to provide accurate results. Once installed it gets smarter by time and learns your pattern of keeping and deleting files. It uses smart techniques to provide quicker and easier experience when it comes to managing your photo gallery. It helps you clean and organizes your photo gallery effortlessly. It automatically identifies unwanted photos like blurry shots, dark photos, poor quality photos, similar photos and lot more to recover some precious storage space. You can also review your similar photos before removing them. Its storage & photo manager feature helps you make more room for your favorite apps.

Duplt — Duplicate Image Cleaner: This advanced yet simple tool helps you clean your device effortlessly. It uses smart techniques to find and delete similar and exact looking files on your device. Using this tool, you can remove similar photo files from internal or external device storage. It scans and finds all duplicate photo files on your device in very short span of time. You can use this tool for instant and effective results to recover some storage space on your device.

You can use these amazing tools to de-duplicate your Android device instantly. Using these tools, you can recover precious storage space which helps you improve your device speed and performance. These tools save your time and efforts as well.

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