Trips under 500 Rupees

GHOST TOWN – Dhanushkodi

HOW TO REACH : Take Madurai – Rameshwaram passenger – Rs.30. You can find TNSTC bus directly to Dhanushkodi in every 1 hr till 6pm with a bus fare of Rs. 20. You can also find shared four wheelers for Rs.150.

Old church

It was a pleasant afternoon i reached the abandoned town of Dhanushkodi. After a long drive I could see some people standing near to the road and some name boards like Old Church,Old Railway station on the road side. I wish I could take an umbrella with me since it was too hot and wind was blowing directly on my face. I stopped nearby, where I could see a lot of tourists eagerly waiting to take selfies. Long back, there was an established town with railway station, post office, Church, temples and a housing colony. It got destroyed in 1964’s cyclone, but their remnants survive and become a mystery and finally the ghost town of India emerged. A best example for the phrase – Survival of the fittest. I realised how advanced they were at that time, seems nature appeared as a Villain for humans.

I could see the ruins of Church near to the sea shore. The beach stretched away endlessly and there was no sign of tourists there. It seems to be an unknown place to humans. The death silence with the sound of sea waves gave a scary feeling. There were innumerable sea shells which was washed up and left by the waves. Local shopkeepers selling ornaments made of sea shells and pearls was one of the great attraction in the streets. In the opposite side of road i could see old Railway station and ruins of other buildings. There was a factory near to the railway station, which seems to be the main source of income to most of the villagers at that time. But everything vanished into thin air in a moment.

Hidden beach

If you want to disappear in your thoughts, Ghost town is a best option. We will be more attached to ourselves and with nature during that moments. No one is around you, only some spirits which left this world with unfulfilled dreams. Ghost town remain as a silent proof which shows the power of human that survived the great nature force. Although with the stunning views of the two oceans and a straight shoreline, the silence of abandoned town remind of some of the ghost movies I watched before. It’s a place an exploring traveller should visit and know more about.


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