Any newcomer to design will find out that one of the most important aspects of the design process is getting feedback on their work. Common knowledge states that getting feedback earlier is better because it helps designers to converge on the right design faster. However, fears that one’s reputation might be ruined or that the concept cannot be understood yet may stop designers from seeking feedback at early stages. This might even stop novice designers from getting feedback, although getting feedback on their work is the most beneficial for this particular population.

Over time and with experience, designers create their…

Amazon Mechanical Turk (hereafter referred to as MTurk) is a popular platform for researchers to get and process data. Researchers use MTurk for many things from getting survey participants for people’s opinions on various socially relevant topics, survey participants for psychological tests, gathering data from public websites, and even people to help with quality checks of other people’s work. So far, the studies that use MTurk are relatively simple in nature (eg. one survey with possibly one follow-up).

Complicated studies, on the other hand, are generally conducted in person. This can reduce the validity of the study as the populations…

(This post summarizes our CSCW 2018 paper “Increasing Quality and Involvement in Online Peer Feedback Exchange” by Sneha Krishna Kumaran, Deana McDonagh, and Brian P. Bailey)

Many readers might be familiar with the design process — an iterative process of defining a problem, ideating and prototyping potential solutions, and building and testing the final solution. The unspoken, but integral, element of the design process is getting and incorporating feedback from others. Sometimes this is feedback from a client, supervisor or instructor. However, feedback from peers is equally as important.

Sneha Krishna Kumaran

Researcher in Human Computer Interaction, programmer by nature. Dabbles in design, politics, and the general well fare of the world.

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