Demystifying …… Black H🕳les!

Disclaimer: This book has both scientific theory and also personal life story about the great physicist Stephen Hawking. Here I’ll focus only on the scientific aspect related to black holes. If you want me to write about his personal life then do comment it down.😊

Universe At A Glance

Because of this observation, we thought we are the center of the universe.😂 Don’t we always feel like everything revolves around us? We, humans, love to give ourselves importance. Like what happened when we realized the sun didn’t revolve around us similarly later, we concluded that the universe is expanding; that is why the galaxies are moving away — not convinced yet? Let me help you out.

Universe compared to balloon.

Formation Of Black Holes💫

Whoa! Never heard of such darkness created by light before!😯

A black hole in space.

v = √(2GM/r)

Fun fact: Don’t worry, the sun won’t turn into a black hole because it’s so small😃 ( in terms of cosmic scale of-course :P) When the core of sun will run out of hydrogen fuel, it will contract under the weight of gravity. The upper layers will expand and eject material that will collect around the dying star to form a planetary nebula. Finally, the core will cool into a white dwarf and then eventually into a black dwarf.

Can Nothing Escape These Holes?

Yep this is how an ideal black hole should look.
First real image of black hole. Source: Google images

Hey are you still reading? Great! Have some chocolate for your amazing job!🍫 Or coffee?☕ Or maybe momos! Or just pat yourself :P

Some Properties Of Black Holes

  1. When a black hole is formed, it is characterized by only the mass, angular momentum, and electric charge. Apart from these, they retain no other property from the collapsed object.
  2. We refer to this as the no-hair theorem.When a star becomes a black hole, it still has all that mass, but now compressed down into an infinitesimally smaller space. And to conserve that angular momentum, the black hole’s rate of rotation speeds up a lot.
  3. When two black holes combine to form one black hole, then the area of event horizon formed from two of these is greater than the combined area of individual black holes! This limits the energy dissipated during the collision of two black holes.The surface area of event horizon increases when any additional matter or radiation falls into it.
  4. The temperature of the black hole is proportional to surface gravity and inversely proportional to the mass.

Fun fact: The Betelgeuse, a red giant star from Orion, is observed to be dimming. So it may be possible that it might explode in a few years. It’s so close that we can see it exploding in the night sky with naked eyes! After 100,000 years maybe, so your grand grand ……kids can see.

Will The Black Holes Become So Big To Eat Away The Universe?

Black hole and white hole.

Is Big Bang Theory Related To Black Holes?




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