14 year old drives it home!!

A campaign organizing meeting is one the few places where stories emerge. Stories of courage, of grit and determination, of reasons for showing support to the candidate. On a sunday morning when normally I would be sleeping in late, relishing tea straight out of bed, I chose to be at the organizing meeting for the Hillary Clinton Campaign and couldn’t be happier about it.

This campaign stands out because it wasn’t as much about why we should choose Hillary but our personal stories. It was an ecclectic mix of volunteers, seasoned volunteers who have done campaigns before, newbies like me who were there because of the belief in her policies, a mother whose daughter thought she had to be a boy if she wanted to be president and many others. Such myriad experiences, inspiring stories brought everyone under one roof all fired up to see Hillary in the White House.

While these stories were exchanged at tables, there were some who shared their stories with all of us. There was one that stood out for me. It got me thinking, how simple thoughts can be applied to various situations, different geographical locations and still have the same effect. A fourteen year old passionate volunteer got to share her story and made that home run. She believes that everyone deserves respect, no matter who you are, man , woman, republican or democrat. What moved me was when she said, “It’s okay to disagree with policies, it’s okay to have a different opnion but it’s not okay to hate. That is the reason I am here, because Hillary does not hate.

It’s such a powerful statement to make for a fourteen year old girl and for her to understand the complexity of it. That is why this campaign is different. It is about moving forward and not undoing what has been done, it is about having a critical argument and not pulling apart someone’s personal life . This campaign is all about what we need right now and this young girl has shown us why !