Heart to Heart — Letters to my daughter

My darling baby,

The past week has dealt so much with so many fears. The fear of getting married to an unknown person, the fear of having to face the world alone, the fear of how the new boss would be, the fear of failure, the fear of whether I would even reach the end of this year, the list is endless and we are hardly 15 days into the new year. Fears are those little dust balls which if you don’t do anything about, accumulate and becomes this huge dust ball which could be too overbearing.

This morning in the shower, (that’s the time when I think, sing, dance, act, form comebacks to situations where I didn’t have good comebacks — Oh, don’t laugh too soon my darling. I’m sure, I’ll catch you doing just that, if you’re going to be anything of a drama queen like me) I realized something — when we run a race the beginning is not always the smoothest start. The gun shot may take a while to get used to, it may even give a good push to certain people. Sometimes that push may even enable you to crash and burn as soon as things don’t go as per plan.

I would urge you to cut yourself some slack. If things don’t go right, pick yourself right up after allowing yourself downtime (you’re entitled to downtime, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and carry on. I would never tell you to be strong at all times, cry out loud, go hit a punching bag, give yourself time to slacken if you want to. Do whatever it would take to overcome that sadness — it may not go too soon but it never will go if you don’t try.

These are opportunities to doors which you would have never opened on your own. The good times will teach you so many things, they would even lead to long lasting relationships and these will be the chips that form the wonderful person that you would be. They will teach you so many things on so many different levels — life, work and love.

Be that breath of positive air for you and for all those around you. Become that inspiration to everyone around you by inspiring yourself everyday, make things interesting for yourself — make people want to be with you for that. Smile even when the world around you is crumbling, it costs absolutely nothing. It’s definitely going to change the world for others. Trust me, it won’t be wasted time. What you do to others, God will do for you.

I’m always there just in case you need a hug during that downtime. With all the love that I have in me,


Picture Courtesy — My darling friend — Ashwini A R, when she read the first ever letter I wrote she had made up her mind to draw this for me. She did get a bit of shading help from her father. Thank you so much, my darling!