When you would be done..

I’ll talk about a very small thing today.

Thing of being on your own.

Thing of thinking that you’ll do just fine.

Thing of the fact that you are a grown up now.

Well my friend, you need to socialize, I guess?

Oh no, no, not because you don’t have much people around.

Because you need to take some time off from a little too much of you.

Because whenever things seem to be fine, you have to be prepared for them to be broken too. Not really they do always. But at times it is lethal for that already blackened little soul of yours where the smudges dont even matter now if they are ruining the beauty of the glass-like walls.

You see this really great mirage of you being all settled up with life and then life actually happens.

Very cliché… but ,my friend, trust me life happens bad. Very.

Then there is this urge… to tell someone that it’s not alright with you. But you have lost the courage or the will to really open yourself.

Because… well, duh… It’s really a selectivity with whom you wanna get along on this road. Cuz you don’t want to.

It’s like being a crow’s egg amidst of the cuckoo’s eggs. They are thrown out of the nest. Because even though they belong there, they really don’t.

So being able to pluck off the threads of the distant curse from yourself, my friend, is tough. But you’ll get along. You’ll do well. Because you would have to. And it’s the human tendency to make peace because it has to live. So you, sir, have to live. Hence buckle up. Life is going to be a hell of a ride. Well horrific… sometimes terrific… but the pieces make sense. The puzzle completes… and then you just have to look back and smile.

You have done it.

You are done now.

Now, close your eyes and feel yourself submerged in the water of nothingness… where you won’t suffocate. You’ll live instead.
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