We’ve all been there — we can’t see the tree for the forest. We are drowning in paperwork, mundane tasks, travel planning, while finishing that proposal for the new client, writing copy for a new add, making sure we don’t forget to submit the expense report…where do we start and how do we prioritize?

Ahhh, the joys of entrepreneurship! While we love what we do, and we have a can-do attitude, sometimes we wish we had a staff to handle all the busywork. That’s where SNELLMARIA — Your virtual administrative assistant comes to the rescue. (

Send us an email to with your to-do-list. Let us handle all your busywork in an efficient, competent, organized manner. We love what we do, we know our business. We’ve been doing administrative work for 20 years and we will handle your task in no time.

We work FAST and we can check from your to-do-list things like creating shipping labels, data entry, creating a PowerPoint presentation, typing a proposal, making travel arrangements and hotel reservations…what is on your to-do-list that we could take off your hands? Send it to us! We will send you back detailed proposal in less than an hour. So you can start breathing again.