How my life changed in the past 2 years.

Sunil Neurgaonkar
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

I had a decent job at a Tech Startup where I looked over marketing and branding for the company. I was happy.

But in 2017, they started giving me projects which were not about marketing or branding. So I began to lose interest in the job.

I learned that Data Science was the hottest job to have, so I started learning it. But it was a fail too because I was not INTERESTED in it at all.

So I started helping out people from different Slack communities, LinkedIn, and Facebook Groups for FREE!

I helped them with SEO, Marketing Automation, Social Media Marketing, setting up different tools for them, and so on. I loved it!

Then I realized I had to leave this Tech Startup for a marketing agency and so I did.

In July 2017, I joined a marketing agency. I was happy again that I joined the agency.

But that was not it, the agency had a lot of problems. They were asking me to do sales and expected me to complete sales targets.

Moreover, the company had a lot of internal problems and a lot of people were leaving the company.

I too had to leave it in 2 months.

This time I had no job, I was slightly regretting leaving that Tech Startup and was skeptical about getting a new job ever in my life again.

At this point, I was still helping people from all over the world for FREE to get myself the authority I wanted. But I knew, this was not enough.

Then one day, I was just going through Facebook and saw a job post from Nihar, that his company is looking for a Social Media Marketer.

I immediately replied with my name and then he set up a meeting with me and Mohit.

That was a huge turning point which changed everything.

In Aug 2017 and the guys at Nilgiri Social took me in as a Partner in the company!!

Since then, the life has been an exponential graph for me with Time and Happiness as the two axes.

In 2017, I personally helped around 150+ businesses in the world for FREE. This gave me enough authority I wanted.

I've been at Nilgiri Social for a year now, and the journey been insanely amazing for me.

One of the greatest thing happened yesterday when we were called by IIT Bombay to pitch in for a product of ours which they loved and wanted to have in Mood Indigo!!

And this is not even the ultimate thing yet. I didn't come this far to only come this far.

I believe that your biggest vulnerability is your current success.

I tell you guys, the only thing which kept me going is, me doing the one thing that I love which is Marketing.

Even though I didn't have a perfect job, I found a way to keep doing the things that I love.

People always come to me and ask they want to do something, but don't have enough experience to do it.

And there is only one advise I give them, is that you do it for FREE. Because that's the thing which is going to give you the authority and will definitely benefit you in the long run.

(A recent post by David Rock on his Instagram inspired me to share this)

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